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7 Benefits of Spin Class (Plus an Infographic)!

benefits of spin class

Joining a spinning class offers a superb way of burning those excess calories while also relieving stress. The workouts in the spinning class entail working out on stationary bikes which have different tension levels. These bikes will monitor your progress and this provides the motivation to continue and achieve your fitness objectives.

Here are 7 Benefits of Spin Class!

Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness

Spinning provides a rigorous cardiovascular exercise that strengthens the lungs, heart and vascular system. It results in more efficient circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. Consequently, there is a boost in energy levels and enhanced endurance that allows you to exercise for longer and with greater intensity.

If you go for frequent spinning classes, your overall cardio endurance will improve. This is especially beneficial if a simple effort such as going up a flight of stairs makes you start panting.

High Calorie and Fat Burning

Spinning is an amazing way of burning fat. Clinical and fitness studies have shown that spin classes are one of the most effective methods of attaining optimal fitness.

Studies have shown that spin classes are one of the most effective methods of attaining optimal fitness!

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A one-hour spinning session can burn anywhere between 800 and 1,200 calories. With 3,500 calories being equal to one pound of fat, two spinning workouts (of 40 minutes each) at moderate intensity can enable you to shed one pound each month, without reducing your food intake.The total calories burnt depend on how intense the workout is.

You can adjust your bile to suit the level of intensity you want. Spinning is effective since it is a form of interval training that increases your heart beat, followed by a brief rest period before doing it all over again.

Strengthening the Core and Leg Muscles

A spinning workout does an excellent job of strengthening and toning muscles. The workouts focus on thighs, buttocks and also core muscles. You can vary the tension of the spinning bike and this mirrors the experience of riding up and down a hill.

Pedaling works your calves and thighs. If you keep the right posture while on the bike, you will also exercise your abdominal muscles. Faster pedaling burns more fat while slower pace with the higher tension works your muscles​.

benefits of spin class

Low Risk of Injury

An important benefit of a spinning workout is that, unlike running or aerobic exercises, it puts minimum pressure on joints and knees. It is therefore very suited to those who cannot do weight exercises like those with arthritis. The smooth cycling action strengthens hips and knees, and stops the muscles from overstretching which can cause muscle tears and joint injuries.

In addition, the handlebars and seat of the bike offer lower and upper body support that prevent common foot, back and shoulder injuries that can happen in other high impact exercises. In a spinning class you do not require any coordination skills. The bike will not fall over (unlike a real bike) and you will be secured on to the pedal with straps or cleats so the risk of injury and accidents is minimal.

Suited for All Ages and Fitness Levels

Another benefit of spinning classes is that participation is not limited by age or fitness levels. You take total control of the workout-therefore if you are a newbie, you can begin cycling at low speeds. As your fitness improves you can increase the cycling pace and resistance levels of the workouts.

Stress Relief

Generally, most exercises will help relieve stress. Nonetheless, a spinning class offers better stress relief than most methods of exercise. This is because while it is intensive you also get to meet and socialize with people from all walks of life.

Most spinning class instructors strive to motivate participants. Additionally, music is featured which makes the classes more enjoyable.​

​Affordable and Easy to Start

Many fitness workouts and classes will normally cost a tidy sum. Spinning has been done for quite some time and most gyms will include it as part of your fees for membership. If you wish to try it or your gym does not offer it, most locations will offer one free class.​

There are also websites like which provide a directory of gyms offering free spinning class passes.​

Once you decide to enroll for spinning classes, no special attire or equipment is required to start. You may purchase a padded gel seat to get over any initial discomfort and some cycling shoes for some extra comfort-but really all you need is a water bottle to start.​


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