Best Fall Marathons

best fall marathons 2015

If you're all set to run the race, let it be at some place that's worth the while. Marathons are an enjoyable experience anywhere, but nothing beats the breathtaking beauty of a scenic route or the adventure in a unique setting. These inspire, excite, and most of all, become unforgettable memories.

Marathons are an enjoyable experience, but nothing beats the breathtaking beauty of a scenic route during autumn.

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So if this is your aim, there are a number of amazing Fall Marathons you can hit. The United States is known for its diversity in beauty, from urban to rural - and such is the diversity of the marathons as well. 2015 has an incredible line up, so even if you can't run, it's worth attending just to feel the magic.

The Best Fall Marathons - 2015

best fall marathons 2015

The St. George Marathon

Where: St. George, Utah

When: 3rd October, 2015

Get a whiff of nature in a marathon that kicks off within the Pine Valley Mountains. This one is sure to get your heart pounding as you descend 2600 feet during the course of this run. You will also be passing through Worthorn Park - a gorgeous addition to the route. This descent, combined with the cool atmosphere makes it the ideal combination for any runner. The stunning backdrop doesn't hurt either.

Registration fees: $90

best fall marathons 2015

US Air Force Marathon

Where: Dayton, Ohio

When: 19th September, 2015

Ideal for all you aviation lovers, this is a great opportunity to add a little adventure to the sprint. Get into the groove in this 26.2 mile run with an Air Force Jet setting the tone. Routed around incredible aviation sites, you can feel the history surround you.

Moreover, you also have the opportunity to opt for marathons of different ranges. However, if you're one for crowds, this one may disappoint. Located on an actual air force base, there aren't too many cheering spectators to egg you on.

Registration fees: $80 - 115

The Chicago Marathon

Where: Chicago, Illinois

When: 11th October, 2015

This one is frequented by one and all. Being an entirely flat course it isn't too difficult for the beginners. It also allows the serious runner to get their fastest shoes on. And all of this in the midst of an enthusiastic and excited crowd cheering you on makes it an experience of a lifetime! You will also get a wonderful glimpse of the windy city in the bargain.

Because of its popularity, you don't want to get your hopes too high. But once you are in, there will be no slowing you down!

Registration fees: $185

Wineglass Marathon

Where: Corning, New York

When: 4 October, 2015

No need to explain, you already know what to expect at the finish line. This one is for all the runners who fancy a little bit of fun. Set in a picturesque locale, the fall colors will take your breath away. Moreover, the flat run, stretching from Bath to Corning will definitely attract a number of marathoners. Add an adoring crowd to this, and of course the event will be a hit!

Oh, and all that wine when you finish. Yeah, that's sure to make heads turn as well. Already in its 34th year, you can also opt for a half-marathon. It's no wonder it attracted more than 5800 participants this year.

Registration fees: $80 - 135

Catalina Island's Eco Marathon

Where: Avalon, California

When: 21st November, 2015

This is no run for the faint hearted. Ideal for avid runners, it takes place along the remote coast of Catalina Islands. It is an arduous route, passing through dirt roads, tiring trails, and a total of 3 different ecosystems. Moreover, mile 19 brings about the toughest part yet - the Catalina Crush. This difficult hill can be bypassed by opting for the 10k run instead

The beauty of this run is exemplified by the incredible backdrop. You're also extremely likely to spot a bald eagle, buffalo, or even a seal along the course. So if you're a wildlife lover, this is the route for you. With only a few hundred participants, it is definitely worth a shot!

Registration fees: $110 - 135

Final Thoughts

The most amazing marathons are the ones you will remember for eternity. The United States has no dearth of these. With routes ranging from within the heart of a city to the remotest rural corner, you are sure to find one that rings true for you. Above is just a short compilation of some of the best marathons of 2015 based on the route and the run. So look out for more, and strap those running shoes on. Let the adventure begin!


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