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Best Hiking Sandals: A Buyer’s Guide

best hiking sandals

Wearing a hiking sandal definitely has its own set of benefits. Best hiking sandals are far more breathable and ventilated than the hiking shoes or boots. Also, the sports sandals for hiking dry faster than most of the other footwear.

The Benefits of Hiking Sandals

  • Whether you are a day hiker or backpacker, having a pair of comfy sandals can be very beneficial. For instance, even if you are scaling the mountains, you will need to camp somewhere.
  • Wearing the boots all the time can get very uncomfortable. This is the time when you can take out the shoes and strap on the cozy sandals. Wearing the sandals around the campsite will help you in the comfortable maneuver.
  • If you are hiking along the icy areas or the alpine lakes, it would be best to put on the sandals instead of dragging your feet with the heavy boots. Walking with the light sandal on is much easier and far more comfortable than the bulky boots. The well designed sports sandals for hiking also provide more traction and hence there is lesser chance of slipping..
  • If you are fording the shallow rivers or getting through the streams, sandals will provide much better grip on the rocks and pebbles beneath your feet. In fact, it would be best to judge which place is better for sandal and which is for boots. This way, you can switch whenever you need to. This is why keeping a pair of sandals in your backpack could be quite handy.

As a hiker there is one thing you should keep in mind. There are certain places where the sandals are not suited. For instance, if you are climbing over logs, or walking along the narrow ridges then it is best that you wear the boots.

best hiking sandals

Hiking sandals are a good supplement for your trip as they can be worn to relax your feet for shot excursions or during camping. Also, if you are hiking in a plain and less dangerous area then you can wear the sandals over long distances too.

Hiking Sandal Purchasing Advice

The experienced hikers know the benefits of the sandal and thus they always have a pair in their backpack. You can wear your boots for longer excursions and when your feet begin to feel tired and need some air, switch on to the sandals.

Also, you can wear the sandals around the campsite by the night. The hiking sandals have a purpose to serve and therefore it is best to choose the right one. You cannot use the regular pair of sandals for hiking.

While the regular sandals feature thin soles, the sandals meant for hiking have much thicker rubber soles. The thick soles ensure that you the necessary grip is provided for your safety as well as comfort. While looking for the best hiking sandals, here are the things you would want to keep in mind:

  • Buy the sandals with solid straps. These straps ensure that your ankle and foot remain secure.
  • Buy the sandals with shaped footbeds. They will provide the necessary cushion and also protect your feet. They are also more comfortable.
  • Sandals with closed-toe are recommended because they feel keep your toes from getting injured in case you stub them against the obstacles. However, if you want extra comfort and breathability, you can also buy open-toed sandals for the time around campsite.

The Best Hiking Sandals: A Buyer's Guide

Rocus Men's P3003 Leather Sports Sandals

best hiking sandal

If you are looking for the best hiking sandals that not only are extremely sturdy but also provide extra comfort then this is the one you will want to definitely try.

Designed using the highest quality leather, these sandals feature adjustable straps and sports style comfort.

The padded insole ensures that the comfort level is maintained all the time. These sandals are truly designer inspired and make for an amazing style statement alongside comfort. The open toe ensures enough breathability and ventilation.

Ahnu Del Ray Huarache Sandal

The hikers who want to make sure that they have a pair of perfect sandals in their bag for short excursions and during the camping time would definitely want to take a look at this one.

Created using the best quality textile and synthetic, this sandal is truly the perfect companion of the hikers. Featuring the unique open-toe momentum traverse technology, this footwear ensures that neutral foot positioning is maintained all the time at various speed and motion impacts.

4How Casual Athletic Sandal

These extremely stylish looking sandals are not just for making the fashion statement; they are a perfect supplement to the backpack of the avid hikers.

With the perfectly designed thick rubber sole, these sandals provide great traction to ensure you never slip during your trip.

The strap is designed using the adjustable Velcro elastic to ensure perfect feet and extreme comfort. The cushioned footbed keeps your feed comfortable all the time and the closed-toe ensure that your toes are protected from the stub injuries.

M-050001 Men's Sport Sandals

Whether you are a new or advanced hiker, you will definitely want to keep these sandals in your backpack. Designed using the highest quality materials, these sandals are not only sturdy but also extremely comfortable.

They also feature the Velcro strap elastic strap which is completely adjustable for the hiking purposes. Whether you are walking the hilly terrains or wading across the river, these waterproof sandals will be there for you all the time. You can also wear them while camping to keep your feet comfortable.

Teva Men's Tanza Sandal

Hikers who wish to carry a perfect pair of sandals in their backpack should also take a look at this classy footwear.

Featuring the EVA footbed, these sandals provide great cushioning and high level of comfort. These sandals are the best for short excursions and for the time around the campsite. Designed using the finest quality materials these sandals also feature spider original rubber for superior grip and comfort. If you are looking for comfort and style both, this is what you should go for.

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