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Best Rock Climbing Pants: A Buyer’s Guide

best rock climbing pants

Rock climbing is one of the most prolific outdoor activities, and it's quickly gaining more popularity. With the best rock climbing pants, comfort is guaranteed. This only adds onto the thrilling experience that is rock climbing. Even the right clothing is an investment.

What to Look for in Rock Climbing Pants

Most of the time, when we decide to go out an adventure, the focus is usually on the activities that we are going to engage in. A lot of the time there is less emphasis on having the appropriate clothing for whichever kind of activity you choose to take part in. When it comes to rock climbing, clothing has a lot to do with the kind of experience you have.

It is important to have the best fit you can when it comes to pants for both indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Comfort is mandatory. Looking good and feeling good are part and parcel of the entire rock climbing experience. Putting on the right kind of pants goes a long way towards giving you the kind of fulfillment you need from rock climbing.

We all know that outdoor rock climbing can be quite dangerous. There is always the risk of getting bruised by the rocks or getting any other form of injuries. Indoor rock climbing may be safer, but this does not necessarily mean you aren't at risk of getting hurt. Most people prefer wearing shorts when rock climbing, but three-quarter pants or full-length pants are advisable as they offer more protection.​

There are so many things to consider when choosing the right rock climbing pants. First and foremost, you need to be clear on where you are going to go. If you opt for an indoor gym, you have a bit more freedom with what to wear, because the environment is a bit more predictable.

The temperatures are controlled and the walls are not as rough as real rocks. For this reason, there is less to worry about.

When it comes to outdoor rock climbing, we all know that there are tons of factors to consider. As mentioned earlier there is the need to protect your legs from scrapes, bruises, and scratches. With this in mind, you should always choose a material that is strong, offers adequate protection and one that is durable. Cotton is alright, but when it's re-enforced with nylon or polyester it gets even better.

Comfort is not key, but it's a great benefit. Especially since some of the climbs can last hours or days. Also being uncomfortable can deter your efforts towards being a better climber. This is why it is important to consider the weather when going outdoor climbing. The weather usually determines the kind of material you opt for.

Cotton is good for absorbing sweat but in time, cotton can just get you soggy, and nothing is more uncomfortable. On a rainy day, cotton is not suitable as there is the risk for hypothermia, plus it will weigh you down. Synthetic fibers come in quite handy for the rainy day. When the weather is put into consideration, it is important to plan ahead and prepare for the worst.

Depending on what you prefer you can decide to go with a perfect fitting pant or a loosely fitting one for either outdoor or indoor rock climbing. The need to be comfortable cannot be over emphasized. The best rock climbing pants usually come with a gusseted crotch and adjustable waistbands for extra comfort. Pants made of spandex or some Lycra tights can be quite good for the less intense indoor climbing.

Best Rock Climbing Pants: A Buyer's Guide

There some products that have stood out to be among the very best pants for rock climbing. Here are a few that can give you an idea of what is good from what is not.

Arc’teryx Men’s Perimeter Pants

best rock climbing pants

This pair of pants made of stretch nylon and cresta fabric is one of the finest pants suited for outdoor rock climbing. The zippered fly with a snap and a belt loop make it fashionable and re-enforce the level of comfort.

The articulated patterning and gusseted crotch make it comfortable since it allows a good range of motion. Comes in a standard fit and there is something for everyone.

The synthetic down layer makes it perfect for the cold weather. Apart from this it is an affordable option when it comes to getting the best pants for rock climbing.

PrAna Men’s Climbing Jeans Pants

best rock climbing pants

Jeans have always been a classic when it comes to fashion trends. Looking stylish even when rock climbing places value in this activity and it only adds to the thrill.

This particular pair of pants comes in denim and is made of cotton that is re-enforced with sorona polyester. You can be certain that it is durable. Available in a standard fit and the gusseted crotch makes it very comfortable and allows for flexibility.

A myriad of advantages can be highlighted about this pair of pants. It is high quality, durable, comfortable and it allows for adequate movement. In addition to these, it leaves a fashion statement since it is perfect even for a night out with friends.

Gramicci Women’s Phoebe Pants

This pair of pants made of a high-density twill weave is a durable alternative for the ladies and it is great when it comes to outdoor rock climbing.

The peach finishing makes it soft and made of spandex that adds to the extra comfort of this pair. This five pocket jean is a good option for whichever kind of rock climbing you decide to embark on.

There are so many alternatives available in the market when it comes to getting the best rocking pants. With this simple guide, you can now make the right choices and get what works for you as you enjoy the thrill and excitement of rock climbing.

Bastion Pants by Arc’teryx

The cotton and nylon blended canvas material of this pair of pants makes it one of the best pairs for outdoor rock climbing. With two hand pockets, two back pockets and a coin and accessory pockets, it has sufficient room for storage of other gadgets as you climb.

These pants are designed to be loose fitting and there is room for a base fitter especially during the cold season. These lightweight pants are simply great for any form of rock climbing.

With an embroided bird logo at the bottom you, there is a refined look that comes with having this pair of pants on.

PrAna Women’s Kara Jeans

These particular pair of pants can do any lady justice when it comes to looking and feeling good as the take part in outdoor or indoor rock climbing.

The stretch denim material and the fold-able cuffs make it a fashionable kind of wear for rock climbing. The five fitted jeans pocket only add to its wonderful appearance. The soft material makes it comfortable to wear. This pair of pants truly deserves its 4.5-star rating.

As with any other pants that are suitable for rock climbing, this guarantees comfort and style as you climb your way up those challenging rock climbing routes.

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