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Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga: A Buyer’s Guide

best yoga mat for hot yoga

In recent years, yoga has gained a ton of popularity because of the health and spiritual benefits it provides. If you are into yoga, you understand the importance of having the right yoga mat. If you are a beginner, here is a guide for you to choose best yoga mats for hot yoga.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hot Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are different from your routine exercise mats. While exercise mats tend to be thicker, a yoga mat needs to be more stable. Yoga is all about balancing and hence you will need a mat that does not slip, unlike exercise mats. There are few important things that you need to consider while buying yoga mats.

Material of Yoga Mat

There are different materials in which yoga mats are available. The most common is PVC or vinyl which is the stickiest material for a yoga mat. It prevents the mat from slipping even on the smoothest of floors. However, if you want an eco-friendly material, PVC should not be your choice.

Rubber is another material which is used in yoga mats. However, people who are allergic to latex should not buy rubber yoga mats. The common eco friendly materials for yoga mats are jute and cotton. However, both of them provide resistance while changing positions and jute also has a texture that is uncomfortable.

Texture of Yoga Mat

The texture of the yoga mat decides the traction provided by the mat. It also provides resistance to slipping and sliding. However, bumpy texture may feel uncomfortable when you are in a sitting or lying position. If your only concern is smoothness then you should go for PVC mats with smooth texture. However, if you want to avoid PVC then you can go for rubber and jute mats. The best thing to do is to try a few different mats before choosing one for you.

Thickness of Yoga Mat

Deciding the thickness of the yoga mat is a trade-off between comfort and stability. While a thicker mat will provide more comfort in sitting or lying position, it will pose stability issue while in standing position.

If you are looking for comfort then you can go for yoga mats with quarter to one inches thickness. There are yoga mats of 1/8 inches thickness that can provide you both comfort and stability. If you are always on the go and need to pack your yoga mat, then buying a yoga mat with 1/16 thickness is the smart choice.

Stickiness of Yoga Mat

Another important thing to look for in a yoga mat is the stickiness. The stickiness of the mat will prevent the mat from sliding while you are doing yoga and will also prevent your sweaty hands from slipping. PVC yoga mats provide best stickiness. However, they need regular cleaning.

Style of Yoga Mat

The style of yoga mat is a matter of personal choice. Since yoga is a practice to enhance your mental awareness as well, you should pick up the colors and patterns of a yoga mat that are your favorites.

The Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga: A Buyer's Guide

Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat

best yoga mat for hot yoga

The Jade Harmony yoga mat is made up of natural rubber and does not contain any synthetic material.

The company says that it has not used any ozone depleting material or PVC in this mat and also that with every mat sold, the company plants one tree.

This yoga mat is 3/16 inches thick and provides a balance between the stability and comfort. These yoga mats are slip resistance, which means that you do not have to worry about slipping and sliding even while in most difficult yoga positions. The mat has excellent dry and wet traction.

Aurorae Premium Non Slip Hot Yoga Mat

best yoga mats for hot yoga

The Aurorae Premium Non Slip Hot yoga mat is designed to endure a lot of perspiration during a hot yoga session.

The patented 5 mm PER yoga mat from the company is bonded together with a micro fiber towel which absorbs the perspiration effectively and provides you a sturdy grip.

The top towel surface is tightly bonded with the mat, so that the towel does not move while you practice. These yoga mats are very durable and easy to use. This mat does not contain any rubber, silicon or latex. The 5 mm thickness gives you a nice balance between the stability of the mat and comfort.

Yoga Mat by Youphoria Yoga

The yoga mat by Youphoria Yoga are made of high density memory foam which is completely eco friendly and are free from any detrimental toxins.

The material also provides this mat world class stability and easy grip for you while you are practicing. The mat also helps in relieving you from any join pains.

The material is also highly durable. The material also prevents this yoga mat from slipping and sliding. The mat provides great blend of traction and cushion. It also provides great wet traction which makes it ideal for hot yoga sessions. The odor free material does not distract you while you are practicing yoga.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

The Manduak PRO Yoga Mat is a slip resistant mat which is designed for durability and comfort during hot yoga sessions. This yoga mat also provides great comfort to your body parts even on hard floors. It provides a cushioning affect to your knees, elbows and wrists to make you comfortable during your yoga session.

The material is highly absorbent and can be used even with high perspiration. The manufacturing of this yoga mat is emission free, which makes it a favorite for those who are more environment-conscious. The best thing about this mat is that the performance of this mat enhances with increased use. It is also easy to clean and dry. However, it is a bit heavy and could be a problem for those who have to pack their yoga mats in briefcase.

Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The Zen Active Non-Slip yoga mat is made of memory foam and has two sided surface. The memory foam is not only environment friendly; it also provides you enhanced flexibility and relieves your stress. 

This floor side of this two sided mat has a surface that prevents it from slipping. The front side gives a cushioning effect to your joints and spine. It has a thickness of 1/4 inches and a length of 72 inches. It is also ideal for those who are allergic to latex as does not contain rubber. This yoga mat comes with a lifetime warranty which gives you the peace of mind.

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