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Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in the World

Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Yoga is incredibly popular throughout the world, and it's only gaining more popularity. Like anything else, when the demand increases, so does the supply. All the yoga studios that are popping up will also need teachers. There is a variety of yoga teacher training programs offered by different schools. Below are the best yoga teacher training programs offered in various schools throughout the world.

The Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in the World

best yoga teacher training

100-Asana Yoga Teacher Training Program (Rishikesh, India)

Thisis an intense 200-hour yoga program at Rishikesh, India. The program is an accredited with Yoga Alliance. Candidates successfully graduating from this program automatically get certified to RYT200 from Yoga Alliance. The sole aim of the program is to develop a qualified yoga teacher/practitioner that suits to an environment compatible to him/her.

Tantra Hatha Yoga Training Program (Chacalla, Mexico)

best yoga teacher training

This program offered at Chacalla, Mexico is suitable for all, from beginners to advance and existing yoga teachers. The program emphasizes on practices of bhandas, pranayama, and meditation. It also aims at endurance, physical strength, and flexibility. The development of determination, mental focus, and perseverance is also practiced.

The practices are based on experiential knowledge training. The practices are energetic techniques of Tantra (a traditional science). The training focuses on seeing subtle energetic bodies and is supported by healing modalities and physical practices that appreciate the body as a vehicle that experiences life and interfaces with the world. The trainee applies the tantric practices to create the harmonious resonance between universal macrocosm and individual microcosm.

Therapeutic Yoga Training (Pahoa, Hawaii, USA)

This program offers students an in-depth skill to enable them to teach yoga with ease. It provides a solid foundation in asana, hatha, pranayama, yoga philosophy, therapeutic alignment principles and practical anatomy/physiology.

It utilizes the therapeutic curriculum of Joseph and Lillian Le Page (leaders in yoga therapy). Upon the completion of this program, one will be able to instruct yoga to people with specific therapeutic needs in a wide variety of settings such as businesses, community healthcare centers, and hospitals. Graduates of this program can apply to be registered yoga teacher at Yoga Alliance.

Wise Living Ashram Program (Chaing Mai, Thailand)

This training facility provides an Ashram-like environment. The environment is ideal for full immersion experiences that are common in traditional yoga studies. With this program, students rise to a guided mediation session followed by pranayamas and asanas. Cleansing techniques such as kriyas and shatkarmas are also performed regularly. The essential part of this training is the philosophical studies. Students also get to enjoy free morning and evening walks along the rice fields and enjoys the Thai local culture.

Ashtanga Vinyasayoga Training Program (Rishikesh, India)

best yoga teacher training

Also certified by Yoga Alliance, is a 4-week program offered at Ajarya Yoga Academy in Rishikesh. The program focuses on a personalized learning experience with the best yoga principles. With this program, you get an international certification that grants you the rights to teach yoga anywhere in the world. This program is blended with traditional yoga teachings. The trainee will also get to learn the important safety standards and protocols that are important for any yoga teacher.

Alchemy of Body, Mind and Soul Program (Santa Barbara, California, USA)

This is a unique program that opens the door for a trainee to step to the best physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual condition and help him learn how to teach other people with utmost confidence.

The main purpose of this program is to create space for trainees to develop the healthiest eco-system within them and to empower them to be leaders as they share their knowledge with the world. It is designed to help one evoke their full potentials and also armed with skills that they can share the knowledge they have gained. The completion of this course rewards one with a Yoga Alliance certification and can become a Yoga teacher at Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 level.

Dynamic Mindfulness Training Program (Berlin, Germany)

This style is a fusion of mindfulness meditation, holistic asana, and physiology of postures, breathing and movements of the body. The approach is carefully blended to incorporate sequenced vinyasa or asana yoga, dynamic repetitions and holistic inner core body movement (moving in waves), individualized practice with variations, 8 chun movements and complete relaxation/meditation at the end of the session. It is a Buddhist centered philosophy, methodology, and ethics. The program is founded on a non-judging principles meaning that everything happens due to the underlying conditions and circumstances and there is no wrong or right way.


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