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Dan Thompson is the founder and Editor-in-Chief for True North Athletics. 

Dan has played team sports his entire life and of course is an avid camper, hiker, and cyclist. Dan is also an avid traveler, he just recently got back from an extended period of time spent exploring Spain.

You can reach dan at

​Colleen Kinsey is our resident yoga expert and copy editor. She's proficient in most areas of yoga, and practices daily. Colleen is also a world traveler, she's always gearing up for the next adventure.

Colleen is also an avid skier, camper, and general outdoors woman. She has more hobbies than anyone we know, and she ties her love of the outdoors into everything.

At True North Athletics, Colleen is responsible for all the content related to yoga. She also is responsible for writing and editing most types of news articles.​

You can reach Colleen at​

​Michael Clayton is our hiking expert and general outdoorsman. He has a degree in Sport Science from Butler University and spends more time outdoors than he does indoors. At the moment, Michael is living in New Zealand, which fuels his love for the outdoors, and gives him a quiet place to work and live the carefree lifestyle that he loves.

At True North Athletics, Michael is responsible for testing new hiking equipment in the unforgiving trails of New Zealand. He also writes news articles to keep readers up to date on new outdoor news topics.

You can reach Michael at

Emma Suzanne is our skiing, boating, and general outdoors expert. She hails from Texas, but she can be found anywhere in the world, mostly in Central America. She is constantly striving to find new, extreme places to ski, hike, and explore. She's also a dog mom, and sometimes writes posts about traveling or camping with your dog. 

Emma is also the resident nutrition expert. She sticks to a strong vegan diet. She writes excellent posts about how to eat healthy while camping or hiking.

Emma can be reached at​