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How to Teach a Spin Class: Everything to Get You Started!

how to teach a spin class

The spinning phenomenon has been embraced by many fitness enthusiasts the world over. This class of indoor cycling produces a great workout exercise as well as fun. For spinning to be of high quality, it should have a great instructor who should be certified in general fitness instructing and indoor or spinning cycling.

How to Teach a Spin Class: The Basics

What You'll Need

Before you become a spinning class instructor, you have to get a cycle instructor certification through a program that is accredited. To become the best you have to select a certification program that encompasses various cycling techniques and programs, studio design and setup. You would also need to be a certified fitness instructor and have the enthusiasm for this job.

Getting Started

In order to become the best you have to learn from the best and this is why it is important to take some spinning classes from several instructors before you embark on becoming an instructor.

Classes from several instructors will expose you to various teaching methods other instructors use and thus if you observe the various techniques, you will be able to instruct your students well. Incorporate all the good bits you get from the various instructors you have met in the formulation of your own style of teaching spinning classes.

First Class

Prior to holding your first instructing class, ensure that you deeply understand the proper bike setup. This will prepare you for the many questions new students will have for you in as far as setting up the bicycles will be concerned. You ought to help them setup their bikes and teach them on the proper positioning and form on their spinning bikes by ensuring that they keep their shoulders down.

What About Music?

A good mix of high-energy music is essential for use during the class to keep everyone’s psyche and energy levels high. As people have different tastes of music, keep them happy by making sure that you include a huge variety of music genres in the playlist. This will provide the much needed boost of energy and relaxation that is necessary in these classes.

Planning Your Class Early

Make sure that you have your entire class well planned before starting it as this will help your students enjoy and properly grasp all the new techniques they learn in that class. Starting the class with a warm up and ending it with a cool down is an effective teaching approach method. You could also incorporate endurance runs, hills, jumps and sprints in your plan but ensure that at all times you know before-hand what the class will be about.

Class Plan

When you begin your class, try as much as possible to match the class with the music you will have pre-chosen for that particular class. High-tempo songs ought to be matched with high-energy type of sprints whereas low-tempo songs can be used during the cool down session. Your class plan ought to accommodate different fitness levels as people are not on the same fitness level at the same time and you can therefore exempt new students from doing all the exercises.

Do's and Don’ts

As an instructor you should be ready and willing to always get off the instructor bike and help any student that you feel deserves to be helped. You should also pay a lot of attention to your students during the class to notice if any student requires help and accord it as soon as possible. You should also be the motivating factor to your class as your energy levels will determine the tone of the whole class and thus you should always keep it at a high.

Monitoring the heart rates of your class students could be a great idea that would prevent the class from either under training or over training. Students are also capable of knowing their training intensity and limits to avoid wasting their own time and money in the spinning class by under-training. An instructor should always introduce themselves to the class before each session and always ensure they end the class with a cool down to prevent injury and muscle pains.​

All the above are the steps and tips necessary to learn when you want to know how to teach a spin class.​


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