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Marathons in Chicago: 5 Popular Choices

marathons in chicago

Chicago is one of the most common host countries for marathon. The marathons are held in Chicago because the city is considered as a first class city for runners. These are the most popular marathons in Chicago

Marathons in Chicago: 5 Popular Choices

marathons in Chicago

Crossroads of Northwest Indiana Marathon

The Crossroads of Northwest Indiana Marathon will be the sixth of its kind to happen in Chicago. The marathon is set to happen on a scenic, out and back course in the early spring next year. The marathon will take place starting from down town Lowell through the county park up to the Grand Kanakakee River and then back.

Those who will take part in this marathon will realize that the roads scheduled for this event are flat and comfortable for a long run. This marathon is one of the best in Northwest Indiana. Last year all the running slots were totally sold out and this year, there was a limit of 5000 participants.

Therefore, if you wish to participate in this marathon next year, make sure you register early to avoid missing a spot. The marathon has been well planned for and there will be free parking a few blocks before the start and finish lanes.

There will also be plenty of food outlets for those who would love to grab something. The registration will begin at 6.00 am in the morning and the first race will start at 7.30 am. Those who manage to finish this race will get a finishers medal. Without forgetting water stops will be placed after every mile.

marathons in chicago

Schaumburg Half Marathon and 5K Turkey Trot

This marathon is scheduled for November 28 2015. The Schaumburg half marathon’s aim is to hold a celebration marking the final season of Chicago’s largest half marathon and 5K events. The occasion will take place on a flat, scenic USATF certified paved course. The event will kick off at 7.30 am and will end at 12.45 pm.

The marathon will include a 5K run/walk for participants who prefer shorter races. This event has been strategically located off the Rt 53 and 1-90 inter change. Anyone can take part in this marathon despite his or her age.

Fifty States Half Marathon Club

This marathon is open to road running, trail running and it is also walker friendly. The marathon is courtesy of 50 States Half Marathon Club. The club’s aim is to recruit runners and try athletes of all calibers.

The organizers of this activity made it possible for any person to become a member. The event offers over one hundred and sixty event discount to members. A personally engraved gold cup trophy will be offered to finishers of the challenge.

Runners are allowed to work towards the 50 states endurance challenge in place of 50 States half marathon challenge. The 50 States Half Marathon challenge permits runners to take part in half ironman triathlons and a combination of any of the above mentioned distance event in all 50 states.

Personalized City Running Tours

Since it is a personalized run, the marathon allows participants to run in areas of choice. The organizers customize runs for any areas and sites selected by the participant. Running guides are also provided and they meet up with the runners at whatever destinations they are.

The running guides move according to the participant’s space and also provide water and a camera in case the participant is interested in capturing moments. Apart from that, they also return the participants to their various destinations.

  • Four groups or less, each person is charged $60 for 6 miles and $6 for any additional miles.
  • Five groups or more, each person is charged $45 for 6 miles and $ 6 for any additional mile.
  • All those who register for this marathon are sent an email of confirmation with the details of the run.

National Half Marathon

This marathon is scheduled for all half marathon runners. The event challenges all runners to try the 50 state endurance challenge and complete half marathon in all 50 states. Full marathons and ironman distance completions are also accepted in this event.

The event also offers a challenge for half marathon runners to take the 100 half anywhere challenge and complete it. The event is beneficial for all those who have no time and financial means to travel. The marathon is not limited to any state but it is restricted to half’s only.

Participants who sign up as members of the general half marathon club will enjoy discounts which comes with luxuries such as interacting with private members of only groups and annual meet up just to mention a few.


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