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Northwest Territory Tents: A Review

northwest territory tents

Camping outdoors is a recreational activity that also helps you connect with nature and spend quality time with your family and friends. If you are not a regular camper or if you are just a starting out, Northwest Territory tents are the right choice to begin with.

Advantages of Northwest Territory Tents

For the beginners, the Northwest Territory tents are a popular choice. These tents are extremely pocket friendly, which makes it suitable for those who are camping for the first time or those who are not regular campers.

There are several benefits of Northwest Territory tents for the novice campers. They are also ideal for those who camp out once in a while. Here are some of the advantages of the Northwest Territory tents.


The Northwest Territory tents come in highly affordable price range. This makes it ideal for those users who are just starting out with camping and are not aware of their specific camping needs. It is not sensible to buy expensive tents, only to find out later that they do not serve the purpose for the camper.

For those campers who go out camping once in a while, purchasing a high budget tent is not prudent. Northwest Territory tents are ideal for these campers as well because they are budget friendly.

High Quality Design

The Northwest Territory tents come in a range of designs which are highly functional and practical for all the campers who are looking for budget camping tents. There are a number of practical functions of Northwest Territory tents.

These tents are designed with the features like a bathtub floor, which keeps the camper dry during rains by prevent the water seepage inside the tent, efficient ventilation, high quality zipper and storage pockets in the inner tent wall. Most of these tents are made of polyester fabric to provide the protection from the weather.

Easy Set Up

The Northwest Territory tents are usually easy to set up. This makes it very popular amongst the novice campers, who are not as deft in the technicalities of setting up a tent.

A Few Disadvantages

As with any other budget tent, the Northwest Territory tents also have certain disadvantages. The rainfly of most of the Northwest Territory tents do not cover the whole tent. This may lead to water leakage inside the tent. The fiberglass poles of the tents are not as durable as aluminum poles.

Manufactures of Northwest Territory Tents

The brand of Northwest Territory tents are made by a few different manufacturers. There is a tag inside the tent which will tell you about the manufacturer of the tent. For any problems in your Northwest Territory camping tent, you have to contact the manufacturer who has manufactured the tent.

Northwest Territory Tents: A Few Options

Northwest Territory Northwoods 6-person Tent

northwest territory tents

This compact Northwest Territory tent is ideal to carry when you are going for a camping trip.

It has a compact fit which makes packing it in a carry bag, convenient. The weight of this tent is 14.4 pounds, which means you can take it with you anywhere you want with ease.

This 6 person capacity tent is spacious and comfortable, with a surface area of 12 ft x 10 ft. the exterior of this 6 person tent is made of water resistant polyester fabric, which keeps the water away at the times of heavy downpour. The base of this Northwest Territory tent is made of polyethylene, which makes it endure even the toughest of terrains and keep the water out of the tent.

The three windows in this tent help in keeping the temperature inside the tent, in control. The tent also features fiberglass frame to give this tent the sturdiness it requires to endure windy weather. The tent also features a number of storage pockets to keep all your gears organized. The mud mat that comes with this tent, keeps the inside of the tent clean from outside mud.

Northwest 2 Person Territory River's Edge Travel Tent Backpacking Dome

northwest territory tents

This Northwest Territory tent is a comfortable choice for camping for you and your partner.

This tent features a capacity of two people. The dimension of this tent is 7 ft x 7 ft and the height from the centre of the tent to the ceiling is 3 ft and 4 inches. Weighing just over 5 pounds, this compact and lightweight tent is extremely easy to carry for longer camping trips.

This Northwest Territory tent features great ventilation with its door, window and the mesh panel at the ceiling of the tent. This helps in keeping the temperature inside the tent under control. The tent also features interior pockets of mesh to store your things conveniently.

This Northwest Territory two person tent comes with rainfly which gives the extra protection during downpour. This Northwest Territory tent comes with shock-corded fiberglass frame which gives the tent sturdiness. The freestanding frame is also extremely easy to set up.

Northwest Territory Sierra Dome Tent

One of the best features of Northwest Territory tents is that they are extremely affordable.

The Northwest Territory sierra dome tent is also an affordable tent from Northwest Territory. This tent is ideal for sleeping 3 people comfortably.

The dimension of this tent is 9 ft x 7 ft for comfort. The tent height from the centre of the tent to the ceiling is 46 inches. This tent features a number of storage options like mesh gear loft, pocket for storing things and two footlockers. The tent is made of polyester fabric that makes it weather resistant.

The polyethylene base of the tent helps in keeping the moisture away from the tent and makes it easy to use in rough terrains. Shock-corded fiberglass poles of this tent provide it sturdiness. The tent also features rainfly with tapered seam. Coupled with the welded floor of the tent and binding, it helps in keeping you dry during rainy weather conditions. The tent also comes with a mud mat to keeps the inside of the tent clean.

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