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Women’s Salomon Fast Wing Running Hoodie

Salomon Fast Wing Running Hoodie Review

Salomon Fast Wing hoodie is a perfect piece of gear for your running kit. It has become completely irreplaceable in most of my runs,walks and other outings.

Women's Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie Quick Review

Size Chart: Salomon Fast Wing Jacket

Size Chart for Salomon Hoodie Running Jacket

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Featherweight Hoodie

First and foremost, this jacket is incredibly thin and lightweight. It’s thinner than paper and you can barely feel it’s there. The female version weighs less than 90g (less than a cotton t-shirt or a snack bar!) and it packs into a tiny ball smaller than your fist. This is an amazing advantage for your runs and other fast-paced sports – as no one wants to carry a bulky jacket.

This jacket can fit into your running pack, waist-belt or pocket, or as I usually handle it – just under a coiled neck-warmer on my wrist or in the side of my sock (yes I do that...).

The Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie is perfect for ultra-runners, day-hikers, climbers, cyclists and for anyone excited about featherweight insulation and weather protection.

Reliable insulation

So if it is so thin, is it good for anything? In fact, Salomon Fast Wing hoodie is quite a serious insulating layer! It is really windproof, and can repel gentle rain too. It adds quite a bit of warmth and hence I often use it as my warm layer in drier, colder weathers.

The Fast Wing hoodie also wicks away moisture really efficiently and keeps enough body heat for you to be warm in low temperatures, even those around zero. In my long cold season runs, I often combine the Fast Wing hoodie with a merino mid-layer; this combination keeps me perfectly warm and very comfortable.

Freedom of motion

The problem I have with the majority of windbreakers and waterproof jackets, is that they are not very comfortable to run in. I find that the material is often stiff and too loose in their fit, or, in the case of softshells – they're too heavy.

I am a big fan of lightweight gear and minimalist wear. I always choose the lightest shorts, the thinnest tank-tops, and hence, this jacket is just a dream for me. Its superb athletic fit does not obstruct my movement and I barely feel it during my runs. It fits close to your skin, so you cannot fit much under it, but in most cases, you wouldn’t want to anyway.

Useful features

The jacket is very minimalist in its design, it just contains one pocket (this year’s iteration has a chest pocket that you can stuff the jacket itself into), minimalist sleeve elastic cuffs and a small button on top of your chest – in case you want to keep your jacket open, but in place.

The Fast Wing hoodie also has ventilation holes under your arms and a genius elastic band in the forehead area that keeps the hood in place. The hood itself is close fitting but is not too small to fit a tall person like me. I’m used to occasionally buying males’ jackets just because of the hood being too small, but I did not encounter any such issues with this jacket.

You can also easily fit a hat or a balaclava, if you choose to, for extra warmth.


I’ve had the Fast Wing hoodie for over a year now. I've used it for hundreds of runs in various conditions, am constantly stuffing it in my bag, and I cannot see any damage in the material yet.

It's held up remarkably well, given the amount I wear it and travel with it. The only fault I’ve noticed is that the Salomon logo is coming off, so now I have a jacket with “SALOM” written on it, which is really not a big a deal. Other than that, the jacket is still in incredible condition.

Best uses: Hiking, Running, Climbing and Multi-Day Trips

Salomon Fast Wing is perfect as a lightweight insulating layer or an emergency jacket on your runs, hikes and climbs. The Fast wing hoodie would also work superbly as an emergency layer for multi-pitch climbs.

When climbing, you do not want to take much with you on the wall. This jacket would easily fit in your pocket and is extremely handy if you ever get caught in a storm mid-climb.

However, do not expect this jacket to be a full waterproof jacket you would take on your hiking trips. It is designed to protect you from the elements in fast-paced outdoors activities, and would not be enough for longer slower colder days in the outdoors or if you were caught in heavier rain.

Summary: Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie/Jacket

In conclusion, the jacket is an absolutely perfect running and fast-paced outdoors sports or as an emergency layer for any outdoors enthusiast. Now just pick yourcolour.



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