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Yoga in Kansas City: 6 Top Recommendations!

yoga in kansas city

Yoga is a relaxing activity that is well known to rejuvenate the body and the mind. It has been practiced by civilizations in the Orient for hundreds of years. Over time, the practice has spread to the Western part of the world.

Today, many people in the U.S. actively practice yoga on a daily basis. They do it at home or at one of the numerous yoga studios in the cities. The studios are more fun since you get to interact with other yoga enthusiasts as well. Read on to learn about the best places for yoga in Kansas City.

Yoga in Kansas City: 6 Top Recommendations!

Maya Yoga

Specializing in ashtanga yoga, this studio was named the best yoga studio in 2013 and 2014 by The Pitch. The Kansas City Sun Times also gave it accolades as one of the best in the city.

The Maya Yoga  students confess that their lives changed for the better after they took classes at this studio. The instructors at this studio carefully tailor the classes to help the students achieve specific targets.

The students can lose weight and tone their bodies, while perfecting their yoga practice. They can also become agile and super coordinated by following the instructions of the yoga teachers. Lisa Ash, who teaches both ashtanga and vinyasa, is the studio manager at Maya Yoga. Her focus is to bring the perfect blending of science and art to her students' yoga practice. 

In this studio, there is a dedicated community of yoga enthusiasts. They are from all cultures, ages and sizes. You can join this community and learn from them as you enjoy ashtanga yoga. Maya Yoga truly does help you to achieve your potential using yoga.

Boulevard Yoga and Healing Arts

Located right in the heart of Kansas City Crossroads, this is a superb yoga studio for you. The instructors in this studio ensure that you benefit from reduced stress, improved health as well as better flexibility when pursuing your yoga practice at Boulevard Yoga.

They cater to all types of yoga enthusiasts. They accomplish this by offering beginner or gentle classes and special workshops. They also offer vinyasa yoga classes for all levels of yoga enthusiasts.

If you want to train and be a yoga teacher, Boulevard Yoga has the curriculum, facilities and trainers that you need. The classes are offered throughout the week. They also have a special offer where every new student gets to enjoy a whole month of unlimited yoga for only $30 with tax added!

Hagoyah Yoga Den

This yoga den also doubles up as a beauty parlor. Staying within the objective of the parlor, the yoga techniques that are taught here seek to bring out your inner beauty. The instructors believe that holistic beauty is where you are beautiful both on the inside and the outside.

They teach you movements that help to increase the strength of your immunity, reduce any depression and anxiety as well as boost circulation in the body. This allows you to look beautiful and radiant throughout your day. There are classes for all levels of learners. Visit the Hagoyah Yoga Den and include yoga in your beauty procedure.

Westport Yoga Studio

This studio was named the top yoga location in Kansas City. Located in the bustling city on Westport Road, this is a one stop location for all that are seeking to release stress and achieve mental and physical health.

There is a variety of classes in this studio. The most relaxed one is known as Kate's Restorative Yoga. Beginners or new students are encouraged to go to this class first. They will participate in enforced yoga relaxation techniques. More experienced yoga enthusiasts can go to the complex Vinyasa levels 2 and 3 classes.

These classes contain techniques that are bound to make you work up a sweat. The yoga instructors in this studio are highly trained. Moreover, the classes involve a lot of participation from everyone and the students learn form each other as well. Visit the Westport Yoga studio and learn how to live a happier and healthier life.

The Yoga Patch

This is a family friendly yoga studio in Kansas City. They have classes that are designed for adults, teens and kids too. Located in the lush neighborhood of Central Street close, the Yoga Patch offers a variety of yoga techniques for each class.

Their classes range from beginner to advanced. The instructors at this studio seek to relieve you of all your stress. They design their classes so that you can get what you need.

Their classes range from beginner to advanced. The instructors at this studio seek to relieve you of all your stress. They design their classes so that you can get what you need.

Karma Tribe Yoga

This yoga studio in the downtown Crossroads has brought a new yoga concept to the Kansas City community. Karma Tribe Yoga is an entirely donation based studio. Their mission is to provide the healing benefits of yoga regardless of income level. 

​The donation based yoga concept does not mean that classes are necessarily free. Students are expected to pay what they can. Typical Kansas City yoga classes are between $5-$15 per class. This guideline can be used when determining how much to pay per donation class.

​Karma Tribe Yoga started through pop-up yoga sessions throughout Kansas City. The free outdoor yoga sessions grew a large following. The unpredictable weather of the Midwest provided a reason to create a permanent home for the yoga studio.

The studio offers events, workshops, and a variety of classes. Pop up classes are still popular, if the weather permits.​


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